What are Artrepreneur Outliner Evernote Templates

Today I’m so excited to finally share with your an organization structure for Artists. It’s a project I’ve been working on for over a year and something that I’ve been bursting at the seams to share with you. Today I’m introducing Artrepreneur Outliner Kits, building blocks for your own personal Artists’ Knowledge Base. Artrepreneur Outliner Kits take the guesswork out of how to organize your art biz. Each kit is designed around a certain aspect of being an Artrepreneur a virtual Artists Knowledge Base. Like printable worksheets and outlines, Artrepreneur Outliner Kits only digital. That doesn’t mean you can’t print out anything you like if you plan better with pen and paper but it will always be easily located and searchable.An Artrepreneur Outliner Kit is essentially a digitized personal workbook, reference library and organizational tool. So instead of getting a bunch of PDF’s that are designed to be printed — you’ll receive Evernote templates designed especially for Enterprising and Emerging Artists. Instead of printing, everything will be kept digitally for your convenience.

Why I created Artrepreneur Outliner Evernote Templates

Does this sound like you? Get your Artrepreneur Outliner Kits and get organized today!

Does this sound like you?

Well, for Artrepreneurs of course!

* I have been researching for nearly three years about becoming a successful artist.
* I’ve taken courses, read articles and listened to numerous podcasts on blogging and Instagram, Pinterest, creating graphics for social media, analyzing my art, setting up an open studio event, staying creative, and most importantly, balancing being an artist and living in the real world.
* I have used Evernote to help me organize that information for both the business of selling my art and the methods used to creating art. It is a virtual Artists’ Knowledge Base
* I have found I keep some of the same types of information over and over again.
* So I created worksheets to complete tasks related to my Art career path in the form of templates I can reuse .
* I don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time I want to save pertinent information about any aspect of my art. You’ll love having outlines and worksheets to help you achieve your art career visions.
* Using Artrepreneur Outliner Templates in Evernote is an incredible time saving tool for artists to use performing tasks over and over.

Have you ever felt like this?

When I first began painting and being approached about whether my art was for sale, I began researching selling art, promoting my art to collectors and galleries and entering competitions and shows. I was overwhelmed by all the tasks recommended to be successful. I felt like someone must have a guidebook for those of us who didn’t attend art school. Those of us who by nature aren’t particularly organized. I found it difficult to set up a blog or a website, I didn’t grow up with computers.I felt like someone must have a guidebook for those of us who didn’t attend art school. Those of us who by nature aren’t particularly organized.

All the organizational legwork and research have been done for you. Organized into bite-size kits to get you started on the way to your art biz dreams. I’ve turned all my research, thus far into a system, a road map, if you will, to being an organized and thriving artist.I want to share it with anyone who’s ever felt this way:

  • I have no formal art education!
  • No marketing course!
  • How will I keep up with it all?
  • How do I even begin?

You’ll love having an-Artists Knowledge Base! I do! Artrepreneur Outliner Kits-Artists Knowledge Base get yours today www.artrepreneuroutliner.com

Open a Free Evernote Account

In order to use these time saving tools you’ll need to open a free Evernote account. https://evernote.com/pricing/

Setting up your new Evernote account

You’ll have to provide an email address to open an Evernote account. I highly recommend downloading the desktop version as well as iOS or android apps. All your information will be available to you from any device!
I find the desktop app slightly easier to navigate than the online version or the phone and tablet apps, for that reason, I do the bulk of my work on Evernote for desktop.

The Benefits of Multiple Platforms

With a simple sync function, the list you made at home, is available on your phone, at the art supply, or on the plane to your gallery opening. Even the notes you scribbled on your iPad at a recent workshop are ready to review at your desk when you come home.

Open email from me for link to templates notebook

Whenever you purchase an Artrepreneur Outliner Evernote Template Kit from me, you’ll receive an email with a download link. Simply click the link. Open with Evernote

Copy Artrepreneur Outliner Templates Notebook to your Evernote account

It is the best practice to copy and save these Artrepreneur Outliner templates to a dedicated template notebook. That way if you forget to duplicate before editing you’ll always have the original template available to you.

Start filling in the information to customize it for your own use

Many of the templates in Artrepreneur Outliner can be individualized to suit your needs and especially to suit your business profiles. For instance, a link to your Facebook page, or you blog dashboard. Fill these fields in one time inside your template notebook so the are already pre-entered. That is part of the beauty of a template.

Artrepreneur Outliner-Artists Knowledge Base

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