My gift to #30in30paintingchallenge! Participants

Heads up #30in30paintingchallenge! Participants  I have a gift to give. With January around the corner I have somtheing for #30in30paintingchallenge!Participants, I think you’ll truly love! I’ve put together a free mini Artrepreneur Outliner kit especially for participants of #30in30paintingchallenge! Leslie Saetas’s challenge.

The AHA radio show produced and hosted by Leslie Saeta has been a godsend to many artists, me included. When I set out to become an artist as an empty-nester this podcast became my go to for inspiration and information! Serendipitously, much of the information that I have researched and studied for  the Artrepreneur Outliner came from listening to the weekly shows.
The kit was designed last September to help me accomplish this lofty goal, 30 paintings in 30 days! in which I planned to write lengthy blog posts to support the challenge on my blog, along with, posting to daily paintworks each evening. (I didn’t complete the challenge but learned a lot!)  
I’ve learned how important it is to be organized, to have a plan and to work that plan. I discovered having a theme made it much simpler to start each day knowing just what I was going to paint. I was excited to learn having a theme and reaching out to an audience that would connect with that theme opened up a new audience to my art.

Personalizing the theme “Oh the Things I’ve Seen” to be about a walking trip through Wales, I reached out to an audience in Wales. Contacting the innkeepers, the official trail organization and hiking groups about the challenge. The result? A spike in the traffic to my site.Readership doubled that of the previous months.

#30in30paintingchallenge! Participants-Increase your readership and art appreciators by targeting a new audience, learn more at

#30in30paintingchallenge! Participants-Increase your readership by targeting a new audience


The AO#30in30paintingchallenge!Mini Kit Contains

Supporting documents for the #30in30paintingchallenge!
#30 in30 Theme Planning Worksheet
Theme Starter Blocks
#30 in30 Calendar 
#30 in 30 Daily Checklist for Posting Progress Template
#30in30 Promotion Checklist Template
Photography tips
Press Release Template
Supply List Template

Inspiration for the #30in30paintingchallenge! Mini Kit

The July 14, 2016 episode of the AHA show really got me pumped to plan around a theme. Not only a theme for a that particular challenge but also for future ones. As I listened to Leslie and Dottie Leatherwood brainstorm ideas for themes the wheels in my mind began cranking with more ideas. Starting with a theme is also a great idea for artists building their next body of work, also known as a series. As a result I started composing lists and strategies in Evernote for theme planning.
Thats when the idea to share these templates and outlines with listeners of the AHA show came to me. I so appreciate the effort Leslie and her cohost put into the show and I am very thankful for their generous spirt of sharing. I Want to pay it forward.
The theme planning worksheet guides you through choosing a theme with starter blocks, 30 of them! Designed to be a jumping off point the each block could be used to fill a calendar page of 30 days or the artist could choose one theme for each week, or as I did in September, one block for one series. The starter blocks are open for interpretation, and I prompt you to align your theme with your main goals for the challenge.

Features of #30in30paintingchallenge! Mini Kit

And with theme prompts like, Goat POD (Painting of The Day) what gets your goat in your painting techniques, TOOL TIME focus on the tools of the trade, push them to the limits and VIP’s Paint the great influences in your life, the inspiration may take you beyond merely 30 paintings.
Once you’ve chosen your theme there is a worksheet for Daily Posting Progress Complete this worksheet , you’ll have all the information in one place. Therefore when you it down to post to the challenge site, share on Facebook , Instagram, Pinterest or twitter or sit down to write a blog post, it will be a simpler task.
example of #30in30paintingchallenge-post progress

#30in30paintingchallenge! Participants-post progress example

#30in30paintingchallenge! Participants-How to use these worksheets:

  • Take inventory of your art materials with Supply List Template
    • make a copy ,
    • date it,
    • personalize it
    • Then order everything you’ll need to complete the challenge.
  • Choose a theme from the Theme Starter Blocks
  • Save theme Block to Theme Planning Worksheet
    • the ease of drag and drop functionality in Evernote make this a breeze.
  • Refine your theme and make a plan
    • fill out the questions on the Theme Planning Worksheet 
  • Add specific plans or even reference photos to the #30in30 Calendar
    • Refer to the calendar each day for you plan you POD(painting of the day).
  • Once your painting is finished
    • make a copy of the template #30 in 30 Daily Checklist for Posting Progress
    • Fill in this template before you begin posting your progress.
    • You’ll really thank me for this! Because all the information you need will be in one place!
  • Get some extra exposure! Make a copy of the Press Release Template
    • Craft your press release
    • send it to local newspapers, associations related to your theme,artists blogs and websites, etc.
Since templates are by definition designed to used and reused, remember to make copies of templates, so you’ll have a fresh sheet the next time you need it.
To make a copy : Note>Copy to Notebook OR Note>Duplicate

#30in30paintingchallenge! Participants

Artrepreneur Outliner #30in30paintingchallenge! mini kit giveaway

Use this kit to make the process of #30in30paintingchallenge! A little easier


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