12 Must-have Notebooks for Artists using Evernote

Today I want to share with you an indispensable tool for organizing and simplifying the road to success in you art career. Artists using Evernote are more organized and save time on the drudgery of business enabling them to focus on creativity.
I’ll go over how I use 12 notebooks in Evernote that makes the craziness of creating works of art while being a marketer, manager, and CEO of your art career, a lot more bearable.
I have been an artist using Evernote user for 7 years, but it wasn’t until I got serious about becoming a successful artist that I realized it’s incredible potential.
Artist using Evernote learn the Inbox Notebook is the top priority of my day. See How it can Make your creativity work flow easier @ www.artrepreneuroutliner.com

Evernote Inbox Notebook is the top priority of my day.

How this Artist uses Evernote

My day starts with opening the Inbox inside the Leslie Miller Fine Art notebook stack, where I keep a running to-do list and a note for completed tasks. The Inbox contains all of my yearly goals and my YTD (year to date) accomplishments, which I have moved over from my yearly goal sheet. This gives me a great overview of what I need to do, next.

12 Must Have Notebook for Artists Using Evernote| Artists Using Evernote are happyier and more productive|Learn more @ www.artrepreneuroutliner.com

12 Must Have Notebook for Artists Using Evernote|

Blog, Newsletter, and Social Media Notebooks

  • Blog,
  • Newsletter,
  • and Social Media Notebooks
are where I store drafts and current posts, along with a running list of ideas for each. Once the posts or emails go live, these notes and outlines are moved to an archive notebook. It’s at the bottom of my notebook stack and titled zArchive. The archive notebook is labeled with a “z” to place it at the bottom of the stack alphabetically, because I want the option to access it in the future, but it is not pertinent information. I don’t want it to take up prime viewing real estate.

Expenses, supplies and receipts, prices, sales.

I really hate dealing with numbers and finances, but the reality is that I have to if I am going to sell my art.  One of the reasons I love Evernote so much is the email feature in which you can forward email receipts to a notebook and know just where they are come tax time. Another way you can save those receipts is by scanning them into Evernote with your smart phone using Scannable.
Evernote is compatible with many of a types of files. For instance I keep a simple spreadsheet, to help me, keep track of my sales.


Brand Cheatsheets help me keep everything consistent from business cards to social media and everything in between. These are drag-and-drop capable between apps. So, if I have a logo I want to use over and over I can easily located it in my marketing notebook inside Evernote. I just choose the image, then “Drag and Drop” it to Canva or my Blog Dashboard, for example.

Idea Incubator

The Idea Incubator is somewhat of a “dump all” for half-baked ideas, epic projects I would like to undertake, inspired artistic endeavors, and the like. It is so important to write down inspirations, some are ready to be implemented immediately, more often than not time will marinate and develop the complexities of these epiphanies. This notebook contains ideas for series, writings that might accompany my work, plans for a art mentoring group.
For quite some time I’ve heard multiple inquiries about how I manage to keep track of social media, shows, exhibitions, workshops and travel related to my art business. How I am able to put my hands on the information I am looking for so quickly, (for example we may be talking about a particular technique, I can search Evernote and pull up any instructional PDF or example of that technique I have saved. Not flipping through stacks of notes, books, photos, or my Pinterest account.)
With so many fellow artists coming to me as an “artist techie” I have decided to share my workflow and teach others how simple it can be to promote yourself, run a business showcasing their creativity while still having loads of time to concentrate on honing our craft.

Upcoming Opportunities

We all know our art will not sell if it’s not seen. That means we always need to be looking for upcoming opportunities to show it. Evernote is very useful for keeping track of exhibitions and shows in which I would like to participate. I am able to keep track of every step in this notebook.
This past year, I participated in an Open Studio event and kept detailed notes and reviews so that next time, there won’t be nearly as many surprise tasks. I created a Open Studio Checklist template making the preparations easier. After the 3 day weekend event, I then reviewed what worked and what didn’t, much the same way I do for large parties I have hosted. Noting how much time tasks can take and working backward from a goal time or date makes each experience run more smoothly, and better each time. Keeping records of displays, pricing, logistics etc. will be indispensable information when I reach my goal of I hosting a solo exhibit.

Other great reasons I love Evernote

With the web clipper, I am able to save the articles, instructions, inspiration I see on the internet that will help my art career flourish. I am a visual person, so being able to look over these is very important to me. I love Pinterest; as a matter of fact, I have 124 boards and nearly 20,000 pins! Thats a lot to look through when I am looking for a specific article that really changed the way I want to approach a technique.
It's easy for Artists Using Evernote to save webpages, such as Artists Calls, to their Upcoming Opportunities Notebook

Example of simplified format in Evernote web clipper

Since every item in Evernote
(be it a web article,
a handwritten note,
text within a photo or
simply a note made within Evernote)
is searchable!
[highlight] Searchable![/highlight]
That means if I remotely know anything about what I am looking for I can find it quickly within this giant virtual filing cabinet! I can make the search even faster by assigning tags to notes.
If it’s on my Pinterest board, I first have to find the board then the pin.
I have to click the link to the site
where sometimes it connects directly to the pin,
other times,
It’s up to you to search for the information because the pin only leads you to a home page.
I love that the web clipper gives me choices for the format, I would like to save.
I most often use the simplified version.
It’s very similar to the Reader View in Safari; it looks like three and a half lines stacked on the left hand side of the search bar. No advertisements and sidebars- just the info you want, quickly.


Artists have a reputation for being disorganized.
We typically don’t care for having responsibilities
other then creating beautiful things to share with the world.
For Artists Using Evernote, the business part of having an art career can be a pleasurable experience. It can help you organize everything, from your ideas and inspirations to your expenses,scheduling events and workshops and planning a consistent branding and marketing plan, giving you more time and space to create.

12 Must Have Notebooks for Artists Using Evernote

Here are the 12 recommended notebooks every artists needs in their toolbox.
1. Blog
2. Brand Guide
3. Client Lists
4. Expenses
5. Idea Incubator
6. Newsletter
7. Open Studios/Solo Shows
8. Social Media Library
9. Supplies/Receipts
10. Upcoming Opportunities/Submissions
11. Templates
12. Libraries

How I  Name Notebooks in Evernote

These are the Notebooks I have in my Evernote Stack for Leslie Miller Fine Art
I use the following format for naming my notebooks.
for example,
.LMFA[notebook title]
.LMFA Clients
The period before the abbreviation of my business name (Leslie Miller Fine Art) sorts the notebooks all together, when viewed in alphabetical order.
As you begin using Evernote you’ll discover many other notebooks you’d like to add to your account. Perhaps you love to cook, Evernote is great for digitizing all your recipes into one place. Home owners manuals, doctors records, your children’s art, knitting patterns, travel documents, even the plant tags from your garden are all easily accessible in Evernote.The possibilities are endless.
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